The Whole Ten Yards, fun but bad films

A few nights ago I thought I would watch The Whole Ten Yards, since I vaguely remember seeing the first one a long time ago, and Matthew Perry is in it.

I gave it a 6 I think, and yet I know it is nowhere near as ‘good’ a film as say, Pirates of the Caribbean 2, which I also gave a 6.

The reason the word good is in quotation marks here is because everyone defines different things as good. I think mushrooms are good, Alex thinks Johnny Cash is good, Emily thinks Law and Order is good, and Jess thinks Mamma Mia is good.

Anyway, I thought this was overall a good film.

I maintain that Bruce Willis is better at comedic roles than action roles. That might be because I prefer comedy to action, but he’s still a very funny man.

At one point when he is drunk and upset he assembles a tower of shot glasses, gets sick of it being there and removes it by charging into the table head-first. Trust me, it is very funny.

The film as a whole is okay, the plot is actually more than just a standard unwilling hero saves wife with the help of an expert friend. There is a small twist at the end, which everyone sees coming except for the dimwit who’s wife has been captured (Perry).

The interactions between Perry and Willis, as well as the bumbling mobsters is just fun. And for every Shawshank or Taken I watch, I do like to have a film that is just silly to break them up.

It’s not even a great silly film, just a bit of amusement with a couple of actors I like. If this had noone I had ever heard of in it I probably wouldn’t go near it.

Not a brilliant piece of cinema then, not even a particularly good piece, but something about it kept me watching, so it did something right.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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