I am tired, stick to watching Rocky

Just played 6-a-side football against a team of much much better players than me, injured for just about half of it, and lost.

Never mind, first game of football since December, and I didn’t do too badly. Still, makes me wish I was still decent at sports.

I used to play football loads, as just about every boy in school did. I swam competitively and played tennis. I used to be pretty good with a cricket ball too, less so with the bat. Now I can’t run for 30 minutes, oh well.

Hopefully through Easter and summer I’ll get some fitness back and lose my fat belly so my mum will leave me alone.

Anyway, had a St Patrick’s Day party that went rather well for all involved for once, wasn’t wandering about talking to lots of people this time, but I had good reasons.

Realised I’ve been neglecting this for a few days so just started writing without anything to really write about, but I finally got to see the end of Rocky last night.

My favourite part about the whole film was the end, where the winner is announced as background noise, because it never mattered who really won from the start.

Rocky’s jokes and the dog were also highlights, and it was just a nice story about a guy who the business passed by before he got his big chance.

Not so sure about seeing another five films of the same ilk, but it was worth watching and I’m glad I got to see it on a TV in sync. I always prefer a DVD to a laptop stream.

Not that we ever stream things of course, that would be naughty.

So, a good film, was quite entertaining throughout, especially considering not a lot actually happens leading up to the big fight main event. I always love a good sports film with an epic ending, but to me actual sport seems to come with even more epic moments.

They don’t know what’s hit them, Manchester’s hit them!

That being one of them.

Could also understand most of what Sylvester Stallone said, which is nice. The commercialism of the champion Apollo Creed vs the humble fighter who just wants to last the difference is a good story, and it feels like Rocky comes out on top just by lasting with the champ.

I have been without a laptop since Friday, which kind of explains the no posts. Slept in five different beds in five nights, proper traveler me.

Back in my own bed tonight, gotta go shower before that though.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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