Creepy or common: Part two

It’s been quite a while coming, but here finally is part two of the post that got me right loads of views.

So since I enjoyed that last list so very much, and had a couple funny conversations and some interest out of it, I thought I would bring some more potentially odd things to the people of the internet.

This list is also a collaboration of sorts, my friend Raa decided to pop up and offer a couple of wonderfully quirky things, so I have included her suggestions in here. Enjoy.

1. When scratching your ear you find a little bit of wax on your finger, and think it might be a good idea to lick said finger.

2. Rub closed eyes to make patterns that look like a Windows Media Player visualiser.

3. Lifting your arm til the blood drains out, and laughing at the paleness before the blood returns to your arm in a wooshy fashion. (raa)

4. When watching a horror film, block out most of the TV so you can just see a small corner, so it still counts as watching the film.

5. Practise telekinesis, in the hope you will be able to fend off a zombie apocalypse. (raa)

6. See someone walking ahead of you and pull faces at them, sometimes follow them with a strange walk until remembering where you are supposed to be going.

7. Sing in a far higher pitch than required because it’s just more awesome.

8. Put your hand on something dangerously hot, just to make sure it is still dangerously hot.

9. Worry that your farts will weaken the rump of your jeans.

10. When driving, start an impromptu drum solo while stopped at a set of traffic lights.

Part One of this series type thing can be found by clicking these words.

Other lists I have done are here: Top 10 Actors, Top 22 Albums – Part One and Part Two


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