Jackie Brown, Easter hols

Jackie Brown was the last big Tarantino film I had yet to see, if you don’t count Death Proof, which I don’t.

Starting with Samuel L. Jackson’s hair and beard, it was a really entertaining film. Not quite up there with Inglorious Basterds or Django or even Reservoir Dogs, but I have still yet to see a bad Tarantino film.

His usual formula of multiple main characters, coupled with the mixed up chronology and the ever-present humour is all over this film. The bare feet, trunk view shots and long takes are also all over this film. As much Tarantino as can be lathered onto someone else’s material has been.

The story isn’t really to be commented on, since I haven’t read the novel it’s based on. It does take a million different turns that weren’t particularly shocking, but did keep it fresh.

Basically, an arms dealer (Ordell, Samuel L. Jackson) has $500,000 in Mexico and wants a flight attendant (Jackie Brown, Pam Grier) to bring him it under the nose of a police agent. He bails out the attendant with the help of a bail bonds guy (Max, Robert Forster), who ends up starting a working relationship with Jackie Brown and taking the money from under everyone’s noses.

Deaths of characters come seemingly out of the blue, other than Robert De Niro’s, and at no point in the first 90 minutes did I actually get my head around who Jackie was actually siding with. It went from Ordell to the police to Max, each of them could’ve been the bad guy in the end.

This was my favourite kind of attention-required film. I couldn’t really afford to tune out for five minutes or so for fear of missing something important, but I won’t have to watch it again to understand the plot.

Nothing on Pulp Fiction, but nearly nothing is.

Back in the real world, five days to go til Easter. It’s also been a while since I ate any fast food takeaway type stuff, which may end when I’m back.

Looking forward to the drive home, haven’t driven anywhere far since I got back to uni. I miss pub football and pool and game machines and all the rest.

A minute to go til United kick off as well. Either gonna be back at uni tomorrow night or Monday morning, last week of uni will hopefully fly.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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