The Da Vinci Code, being bi-lingual

If I read more I probably would have looked at Dan Brown’s mystery series, but other than Harry Potter and Mr Men my reading is pretty limited.

I would also probably have watched Angels and Demons first, since it’s supposed to be a prequel. Never mind, in the film version it makes no difference.

I thought The Da Vinci Code would have been better, more dramatic and just more shocking in general. It might have had something to do with the fact there were no subtitles for the French parts on the version I watched, and that I already kind of knew the gist of the story.

It just lacked something in the epicness scale, it just didn’t grab me. It was well shot, well acted and all the rest, Ian McKellen is awesome, not so sure about Tom Hanks.

I think McKellen is meant to be bad by the end of it, but I couldn’t really tell because he was still just being supercool. That makes murder okay in my eyes I guess.

All the ideas and concepts and myths the film and novel are based on are true, which I found really interesting. The more I think about the film the less I enjoyed Tom Hank’s acting, I don’t know why. Jean Reno and Audrey Tautou play good supporting roles, and Paul Bettany is quite disturbing, quite something after watching Wimbledon.

I also wasn’t a massive fan of how the film blended flashback type bits in with the current events, or how things flashed up when Hanks’ character was working stuff out. It just seemed a bit tacky. When they go into Rosslyn and all the guards and crowds are shown it does look quite good though.

I think being multi-lingual would be so cool, I wish I had bothered to keep going with my French or Spanish in school, or the Italian I tried to learn when I left. Us English speakers seem to be the laziest in the world when it comes to learning other languages, since pretty much everyone everywhere knows some of ours.

Maybe after seeing this I’ll go back to my language studying, be better than this useless course I’m on now. The film just lacked something and it wasn’t quite what I thought it could’ve been.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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