I’m on a train

Pretty much what the title says really.

I’m trundling down to York for the last time before Easter, maybe the last time before third year.

This time next week I’ll be back in my room, mum’s already offered to get a Chinese in for my return and I have pub on Friday and squash and a party on the Saturday so life is good.

Picked a really cool sounding module for third year as well, Arts Entertainment and Games something something. The assessments are split into five reviews of gigs or films and classes involve going to see said gigs and films. Right up my street.

It’s staying lighter later and this makes me happier longer, I can see things out the train window and everything.

Might be about to buy some football shirts because I’ve finally found a place to get cheap shipping, cheers Pottsy for that. If I do get them I’ll have to get in a 6-a-side league to show them off this summer, yay for exercise!

Internet is being temperamental, but hey it’s better than sitting with my iPod for an hour and a half, as much as I love it.

Jess is of out tomorrow night so I’ll be watching a film or two and will probably be reporting back, how exciting.

Someone’s finally come to check my ticket, only took them 16 minutes, honestly.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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