A list: Top 22 Albums, 22-12

Lists, lists, lists. We all like ranking things because noone has quite the same opinion as the next person, which means conversation, which is always nice.

I love lots of music. I love rock, indie, Britpop, punk, metal, a little hip-hop, and most things in between. I love music so much that when I went through my albums looking for this list, I found 22 albums that I love and couldn’t budge any of them to make it a Top 20, so it’s gone from 10 to 20 to 22, hope that’s alright.

Everyone likes a bit of everything I guess, I like to think I like a lot of most things. Right, crack on.

Like the actors list the rankings at the lower end of the list are pretty irrelevant, I love all these albums so much.

22. Busted – Busted (2002)

Year 3000, Dawson’s Geek, Loser Kid

Starting off the list is the album that takes me back the longest. Everyone loved Busted right? Right? Oh.

21. Ocean Avenue – Yellowcard (2003)

One Year Six Months, Empty Apartment, Believe

Bit of a curveball, but I love this album. Any punk pop type stuff goes down well with me, put some violins on it and you’ve got a right album.

20. Invaders Must Die – The Prodigy (2009)

Run With The Wolves, Warrior’s Dance, Omen

The ultimate party album, for me anyway. Good memories of blasting out Omen back when it got huge.

19. Sorry For Partyin’ – Bowling For Soup (2009)

Love Goes Boom, No Hablo Ingles, My Wena

If Prodigy was the party album this is just the most fun. Even the cover makes me happy.

18. Liberation Transmission – Lostprophets (2006)

4am Forever, Everyday Combat, Can’t Catch Tomorrow

Back in school uniform listening to this. Shame to think that Ian Watkins would have been really into me back then.

17. The Poison – Bullet For My Valentine (2005)

The Poison, Tears Don’t Fall, Cries In Vain

Poor Bullet aren’t quite what they used to be for me, seeing them at Leeds epitomised that. This album is just awesome metal though.

16. Fallen – Evanescence (2003)

My Immortal, My Last Breath, Tourniquet

Look how pretty. An album that is awesome for just sitting and listening to on a boring night time. Plus, look how pretty.

15. Hot Fuss – The Killers (2004)

Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine, Smile Like You Mean It, Andy You’re A Star

How great were The Killers. This is still their only good album to me, but it is so good I don’t really care.

14. The Young and the Hopeless – Good Charlotte (2002)

The Anthem, The Day That I Die, Riot Girl

I had this album on my old Sony Ericsson Walkman back in the day. Great bit of punk pop, still a favourite most-played.

13. The Paramour Sessions – Papa Roach (2006)

SOS, The Fire, No More Secrets

I love everything about this album, from how it was recorded to the bonus tracks. Good live as well.

12. Let Go – Avril Lavigne (2002)

Complicated, Things I’ll Never Say, Mobile

Gotta finish off part one with some Avril. This just beats out Under My Skin as her best album because of singing it loudly in Alex’s living room.

That’s that for now, I’ll finish the list with part 2 sometime soon, copying and pasting all those album covers takes a while.

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