Leeds2013, Green Day and System

Right, I’m a student and I have no money. So why do festival organisers insist on gearing their weekends just for me?

No scheduling conflicts for Leeds Festival this year, I’ll be going down on the Saturday, watching New Found Glory, Frank Turner, System of a Down and Green Day, and coming back home.

Green Day were just announced as the last Leeds headliner, making very sad, since I figured when Biffy, System and Fall Out Boy were announced together that they would be on the same bill. But apparently someone up there likes me, or wants 90 quid off me anyway.

90 quid for four gigs, pretty good value, since the last two on would probably rack up more than that separately. Four gigs I really want to go to as well.

New Found Glory were actually the first band I ever saw live. They were supporting Paramore at the Carling academy, now the O2, and they were a blast. Sorry to Hayley but NFG were the best band on that night, just more energy and interaction. They’re on pretty early too, so they may be like the Gaslight Anthem slot of 2013.

I’m glad Frank Turner has got such a high spot on the line-up. When Jake Bugg came along with his weird voice and made all the indies love him I thought Frank Turner would fade away. But he is right there before three massive bands, which is awesome because he is awesome.

Once I cross System of a Down off my ‘see before I die’ list, there will just be Oasis to go. They are the absolute definition of alternative and I can’t wait to see their live show. I was gutted to miss them at Download so I’m buzzing they came back over, the fact they haven’t released any new stuff since they got back together will just make it nostalgia factor 11.

And Green Day, well if they aren’t on my before I die list they’re pretty close. Dookie and Warning are two of my favourite albums ever, and even though I don’t particularly care for Uno Dos Tre they have enough of a back catalogue to go on as long as Foo Fighters did last year. Hope it doesn’t rain this time.

I hate Bring Me The Horizon with a passion, so their gig will be time for a lunch break, and Deftones aren’t really my thing either. Maybe Twin Atlantic will get chucked on the second stage and we can pop over too see them. Overall I’m quite excited and ready to part with 90 of my pounds for a couple gigs I might never get another chance to see.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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