A post from a Mac

I have been at uni with nothing to do since 10am, and since it’s only 10.52am and I still have three hours to waste before my next class, I have nothing left to do but update on here.

I have six more nights here before my big drive to York and Carlisle, so I’m counting them down eagerly. It’s also freezing outside so I don’t want to walk back to the flat to come back here, so if I do choose to go back I won’t be leaving the house again today.

Jess was here all weekend and helped me make my first omelette ever, which I found rather yummy. I also made proper roast potatoes yesterday, which I thought were nice too.

We watched No Country For Old Men last night, which was quite good, and got about seven hours sleep before we were up to go to the train station.

That’s about it really, I can see myself not going to 1pm class, since I’ve finished the work for it anyway. Oh, we went to Primark and I got me a stripy long sleeved top which looks silly with a check shirt probably, but never mind.

Three more sleeps and I’ll be training down to York again, the rest of that house must be sick of me.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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