A list: Top 10 Actors

I am slightly less upset today, and I thought I’d try something new.

Since I’m in the middle of a big film watching project, I thought I would do a top five to do with films. Everyone likes a list of famous people, so here is one.

Then, when I had five, a sixth popped into my head, and more were brought to my attention, so it’s now a top 10. Jess said 1000-ish words wouldn’t be too long, so blame her if it is.

This is right now a list of my right now favourite actors right now, and why they deserve a place on my list. Rankings are a loose guide to personal favourites, but like stocks my brain can fluctuate, or something. This is also pure opinion based, so don’t yell at me. Internet yelling is the meanest kind of yelling.

Let us begin.

Honourable mentions: Brad Pitt, Jason Bateman, Charlie Sheen, Harvey Keitel, Robert Downey Jr. On another day any of these could have made the list, and probably a couple more besides. All fine actors who I am very much a fan of.

10. Matthew Perry

F.R.I.E.N.D.S, The Whole Nine Yards

The guy is Chandler Bing for goodness sake, I can’t make this list without at least a mention of him. I like Friends, for anyone not familiar with my About page. It’s right there at the top though, just click it. He was the start of my love of overacting to hilarious level in Friends, and despite what other people say I enjoyed The Whole Nine Yards. I’ve yet to see Ten, but did you know Bruce Willis appeared on Friends for free because of a bet he made with Perry on the set of that film? If you read IMDb trivia like me, then you might.

9. Michael C. Hall

Dexter, Gamer, Six Feet Under

Another actor I know and love primarily from TV, I first saw Michael C. Hall in Dexter, then Six Feet Under. Dexter is the loveable killer Hall plays so well, you can’t not side with him. It’s one of the few shows I watch, I’m currently on series 5 and I am very much looking forward to the rest of the seasons. Also plays the bad guy quite well in Gamer, despite it not being the best film. Has a very nice Southern accent.

8. Johnny Depp

Chocolat, Sleepy Hollow, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

I never really cared for Johnny Depp before I saw Chocolat, after which I started to see the charisma and the humour he brings to films. Again, since this isn’t a list based on films actors have been in, the few Depp films I have seen have been really good. Sorry Jess, and every other girl who think he ‘transcends lists’, but he goes number 8 on this one.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio

Django: Unchained, Shutter Island, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

He has been in some of my stinker films, Titanic and Romeo & Juliet spring painfully to mind, but Leonardo DiCaprio is a really talented actor. Not so good with the accents mind you, but that never seems to get in the way of his performances. Shutter Island was brilliant, and he has his part in one of the most shocking film deaths ever in The Departed. Amazing stat I learned recently, Django is the first film in 16 years he hasn’t topped the billing for.

6. Heath Ledger

The Dark Knight, 10 Things I Hate About You, Monster’s Ball

He beats my number 5 at being the greatest comic book villain of all time for me. He also plays his part in making The Dark Knight one of the best films I’ve ever seen, so although I don’t have a massive amount of his work in mind, he goes on this list. 10 Things is one of my favourite films as well, I am not ashamed to admit this. I like how he broke out of that pretty boy mold though, good job he did or TDK might not have been quite as amazing. He also supports my theory that guys look better with longer hair, so that’s good. R.I.P.

5. Jack Nicholson

The Shining, The Departed, Anger Management

Over-acting at its finest. Jack Nicholson is terrific at selling himself as a psychotic weirdo, and I for one admire that. The Shining is deeply unnerving largely down to his ability to flip from acting odd to full-on insanity in a matter of seconds. I love actors that can improvise scenes and dialogue on the spot too, as he does in the axe-smashing Shining scene. The scene in Anger Management with the car on the bridge is side-splitting.

4. Michael Caine

The Italian Job, The Dark Knight, Harry Brown

What is there not to love about Michael Caine? He is just the most loveable guy in the ever. The Italian Job was one of his biggest roles, yet it seems to be being forgotten in the face of roles like Alfred in the Dark Knight trilogy. Such is the drawing power of the man he has remained on top of the movie biz as he heads towards his 80s. And the scene near the end of The Dark Knight Rises? It brought a tear to my eye. It didn’t come out of the eye, because apparently I am an emotionless robot when it comes to film, but still. Legend.

3. Gary Oldman

The Dark Knight, True Romance, Harry Potter

The same ticket applies to Gary Oldman as Michael Caine. What a genuinely likeable guy, he’s someone you just really hope is as nice in real life as your imagination. Also, I’m not sure what other people’s opinions are on this, but I almost fail to recognise him in everything he’s in. Not because he is poor, just because he never looks like Gary Oldman. Think True Romance, Harry Potter, even when I saw him in Friends, playing an actor called Richard Crosby, I thought it was someone called Richard Crosby to start with. He has a great range and is just super cool. He also manages to look good with or without facial hair, which gets automatic respect.

2. Edward Norton

Primal Fear, Fight Club, American History X

Speaking of great ranges, my top two have the same ability to feature in films you wouldn’t expect, judging them by previous work. Number two (lol) is the subject of my ongoing watchlist actor thing, Ed Norton, another guy I just like watching. I’ve already gone over his range, but he goes from criminal to lawyer to priest to singing husband-to-be in the space of a few years in his early career. Then there is the Hulk, and his Fight Club role. He manages to be a stuffy philosopher and a hick stoner in the same film. If that isn’t variety then call me Betty. Only don’t. Also looks good with or without the face fuzz.

1. Jim Carrey

Ace Ventura, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Liar Liar

Seriously, who else? Just in case I was having doubts about this spot going to Norton, I watched an Inside the Actors Studio featuring this guy, and from the minute he runs onto the stage I’m cracking up again. Let’s go through some of my favourite all-time films. Ace Ventura, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Liar Liar, The Mask, Number 23, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Truman Show, Me Myself and Irene, Bruce Almighty, Man on the Moon. His ratio of massive hits to slight disappointments (Dumb and Dumber) is heroic for me. Plus he is a top guy and an excellent stand-up comedian. Not just a funny man anymore, as some of that list proves. B-e-a-utiful.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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