The Incredible Hulk, continuity

Incredibly, this is going to be about the Hulk film I watched yesterday. No pun intended on that incredibly by the way.

I got back to my Ed Norton list at last and bought The Incredible Hulk along with People vs Larry Flynt, which I enjoyed enough to pay £2.10 for.

The film was good, better than the Eric Bana version I saw a few years ago. The story was fun, I’m not a comic book guy so I couldn’t tell you if it stays true to the comic book universe storylines, but I enjoyed it.

It did jump around a little, from a cave to a motel and from place to place,

but shots of plane travel would slow the pace I guess. I said the story was fun, but it wasn’t particularly thrilling or exciting to me. The Hulk followed the same superhero movie plot; superhero shown using powers, enemy with comparable abilities surfaces, big fight, superhero wins.

Having said that the enemy was Tim Roth, who is pretty cool. Hulk just never really seemed like realistically losing. A little touch I enjoyed was having Lou Ferrigno feature as a security guard. Little nods to the viewer like a bit of multi-Hulk interaction is always appreciated by me.

Speaking of Lou Ferrigno though, he looks like he could morph into a huge green monster at any moment. Ed Norton, as much as I love him, doesn’t. Not the fact he’s average sized, because Mark Ruffalo makes a great Hulk in Avengers. There’s just something about him to me.

I like the set-up for Avengers at the end, intertwining films and character are just cool. But the biggest problem I have with this and the Avengers, apart from Captain America, is the continuity.

I know that it’s not the film maker’s fault that Ed Norton didn’t want to come back to film Avengers, and I know that Mark Ruffalo made a better Hulk, but the fact that it isn’t the same person just bothers me. Call me too picky, but it was the same with Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight trilogy. One film she’s Katie Holmes, the next she’s Maggie Gyllenhaal.

I like to see the same person play a recurring character in a series, it helps me get into whatever I’m watching more. It’s obviously not real life but at the same time I’d like to imagine a character with one face, not two or three.

Oh well, it was enjoyable, since I’m not massive on superhero comic things. Next up will probably be The 25th Hour, looks like another interesting one.

Right, off to watch some football. Come on United!

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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