I Hate You All

Right, let’s clear up some things about that match.

1. We were the better team and deserved to win, even after going 2-1 down.

2. Diego Lopez had a great game.

3. We are better than Real Madrid.

4. If you are opposed to any of these, you are bitter, clueless or just wrong.

5. I don’t really hate you all.

6. Just the ones who are idiots.

7. People who take genuine pleasure in other teams losing, I can only assume it is because they are unsatisfied with their own team, and jealous of other’s.

Outplayed Madrid all night, apart from the ten or 15 minutes after that truly diabolical decision.

Whoever actually believes that Nani’s red card was justifiable, I have seen people defending the call, I can’t even describe how stupid I think you are.






Useless referee decided to give us no chance, not giving a blatant penalty after showing a needless red card.

Nani is looking at the ball, trying to bring it down over his shoulder. He makes slight contact accidentally with Arbeloa. Arbeloa is fine afterwards.

If a player from La Liga doesn’t stay down after a tackle he doesn’t win, it probably isn’t that bad.

Oh well, can only hope this doesn’t affect our league form. Ready made excuse for a 12 point collapse I guess.

Unless your name is Jess or you are playing FIFA with me I don’t want you to talk to me until at least tomorrow. Understandably peeved.

Tomorrow I am making a list, as I am a man and men like lists. And football. But not today.

Night night United haters, and the very few who are actually fair despite not supporting.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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