The Shining, old horrors are the best

Had the experience of watching The Shining last night, and it may well be one of the creepiest best horror films I have seen.

The reason I tend to stay away from most new horror films like Paranormal Activity and essentially all other supernatural related types is because they are just badly written badly made films that try and get a scare from the audience with a few jumpy bits and some horrific looking gore.

Films like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho are just better to me because they don’t have ridiculous special effects to use everywhere on bones breaking and blood going everywhere. To me that isn’t scary, call me desensitised.

The only recent horrors I really enjoyed were Saw and The Woman in Black. Saw was just something completely different, and that’s really what I enjoyed about it, the creativity of having a man who puts his victims in traps they can escape from, putting their fate in their own hands rather than rendering them helpless like so many movie victims.

The Woman In Black was good for the same kind of reason that The Shining was, it’s tense. There are a few failed jumpy bits, failed on me anyway, but the bits leading up to the real ‘scary’ bits were very good at tension building.

The Shining was awesome at building tension through the music time after time, and each time have little or nothing really frightening happen.

I still watch the old Friday the 13th and Halloween films because they manage to be enjoyable without blood and guts in every other scene. Horror films pre-CGI boom seem to have to explore other ways of scaring you, and I come out of watching them having enjoyed the film but without terrifying images stuck in my head.

Also, back to The Shining, I almost forgot to mention Jack Nicholson’s acting is as usual brilliant, he does play psychotic lunatics awfully well…

Second also, I was disappointed with the ending because I was hoping for a bit more drama, without wishing to spoil anything. I was expecting writing to appear on the walls though, that may have been a thought influenced by the Simpson’s parody of it.

So to conclude, I way prefer horrors that don’t go for all out scarefest moments, rather ones that build tension through the entire film, without a moment of letting up.

Also happy March! Slithering closer to my Easter holidays and becoming excited about the upturn in weather.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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