The greatest film in all the land, and its sequel

Ace Ventura is the best concept, the best film and has the best sequel ever known to film ever.

Obviously this is not true in the grand scheme of people’s opinions, but to me they are the two films I could sit and watch over and over. Those and Pulp Fiction, and everybody has to love that film as well.

The premise of these films, right, is Jim Carrey playing a pet detective, and being the most ridiculous character he can possibly play, while somehow also being able to outsmart an entire police division and save a dolphin and a bat that he is scared of.

Films like this are amazing mainly for quotability. These films to me is the beginning of my experience with stuff like Anchorman, Walk Hard, and so on.

The other reason both these films are so good to me is pure nostalgia. I first watched them at Alex’s house, and we just instantly decided they were the greatest films ever and should be watched again, and then again, and then it was a week later and we missed school.

Some of that may not have actually happened, but the point stands. In my opinion Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls are the two best films in the world ever. Not because they actually are the best films ever, even though they really are.

I doubt very much anyone other than Alex will agree with any of this, but it isn’t really for agreement. More just to consider what your actual honest truth favourite film is, one that evokes hilarious memories (for me, also see One Hour Photo or Zoolander).

Maybe it isn’t The Dark Knight or The Avengers or Titanic. Maybe it’s not one of the highest rated films on IMDb. Maybe it’s Shaun of the Dead or The Lion King, or even Stardust. I am not judging.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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One response to “The greatest film in all the land, and its sequel”

  1. zandoo23 says :

    “that evokes hilarious memories (for me, also see One Hour Photo ” … only one of us could use One Hour Photo and mention it as a funny film.

    Also I agree with pretty much every point here.

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