The Departed and Reservoir Dogs

On my weekend blog holiday I watched The Departed for the first time ever, shocking I know, and re-watched Reservoir Dogs to try and remember if it was actually any good. Turns out they’re both rather good indeed.

I don’t consider anything I’ve written here to be very spoilerous, but there is a bit of plot detail with a bit of assumed knowledge about the storylines of both films, so if you haven’t seen them, still read on, but then go watch them. They are worth it.

Reservoir Dogs is a strange film, a really good plot that I don’t remember seeing before. Giving away the rat in the pack quite early on in the film might give up some of the mystery and tension around the group for the audience, for me the reveal fell a bit flat, but it really just adds to the empathy you feel for the criminals, not knowing they have been betrayed before they even begin.

That wasn’t a spoiler either, it says this on its IMDb page, so there.

The usual Tarantino cast: Keitel, Roth and Madsen just seem to have fun with it, which always makes a film better. The ear scene is very entertaining. Steve Buscemi is very, very good as well.

I like the way each character is named as well. Mr. Blue, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange, Mr. White and Mr. Brown. It just works.

Also the connection to Pulp Fiction is brilliant, I just love how Tarantino’s entire catalogue is interlinked in one big universe.

The Departed also involves a rat, or two, and is just as good for me. It includes one of the more shocking movie deaths I’ve ever seen, really didn’t see it coming, and I like little touches in films like the rat at the end on the balcony railing.

I guess it’s not the most subtle device but hey, it worked on me. Another great cast too: Damon, DiCaprio, Wahlberg, Sheen, Nicholson, Winstone. Pretty good list there, despite Ray Winstone’s hilariously bad accent. I thought that since he is called French he was playing a French Canadian type. Even if it isn’t the case, I like to believe it because it redeems the ridiculous accent somewhat.

It was also genuinely really tense, as both sides came closer and closer to discovering the rat in their midsts.

Star names do actually sell films to me, I never thought they would but they do. Star names I like anyway. I’m not persuaded to go see a film that looks absolute garbage just because a couple of my favourite actors are in it, but if a film has a couple of my favourite names it has a better chance of swaying me.

I guess by the looks of this, films are back in. Blame Jess.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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