York count at one!

Figured I’ll have to write something today, since I’ll be busy tomorrow and then I’m off on my travels once more until Sunday/Monday.

Wondered about the point of these generals today, but I can look back at them later in life I guess. I’ve never had a diary type thing before, except when I was little when I had a holiday diary. Every year we went to Butlins/Haven or whatever it’s called now, in Ayr.

I loved it, had a million soft play area bits, a big ol’ beach where I could run around on jellyfish (never got stung) and a place where I could get deep fried pizza. It is exactly as amazing as you’re imagining, as long as you don’t mind having a massive stroke for a while. The beauties of Scotland.

Then when we grew up a bit there was a farm park down the road with trampolines and quad bikes and those big tyres you sat in and went down a hill. Oh and at the site there was a big pool with like five awesome slides in it. There were llamas and goats and stuff too.

I used to love swimming, trying to get back into it in the hope it will make me look like those swimmers in the Olympics, only without the haircap and Speedo.

If I can I’ll find a picture of me from them old hols and stick in in here when I can.

Anyway, was meant to be about my day. Had to go drop some statements off at the letting agency I’m moving in with next year, which of course is in Newcastle, so I had to drive out there before I disappear off for the weekend.

I had been in the mood for a drive, but the sat nav had to sit on the seat because it wouldn’t stick to the dash cushion thing. That coupled with the fact I didn’t know where I was going made the journey slightly arduous, but I got there and back, so all is well.

Gonna pop out again to get some foods in for York, gotta get stocked up so I can look after my poorly Jess and be a right good boyfriend. Not enjoyed being stuck here while she’s been ill.

Need a battery for my mouse, keeps going off. Also I want a pet chick and duck but I don’t think I can find ones trained to be as good as Joey and Chandler’s.

Part two of my creepy or common is coming, I think I’m up to eight more potentially odd things. Might post something else in the early Thursday hours.

Right, Asda then I’ma make chicken mushroom pasta. Becoming quite the semi-mediocre cook in second year it seems.

One more sleeps!

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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