Music is in, films are out

I haven’t watched a film in a little while, which wasn’t unusual for me a few months ago but now rather is.

The reason being I’ve been back at uni with my iPod speakers, and having my music on shuffle is something I never really do anymore.

There is just so much stuff on my iPod I don’t even know, album fillers and the like, and scrolling through it can be such a pest. Especially now that I have about 6000 songs, and am usually in the mood for between 10 and 20 in any given mood.

When you get a good shuffle though, suddenly every song is awesome, even if I wasn’t in a Westlife mood while Breaking Benjamin were playing.

So sadly my watchlist has taken a back seat. I blame Biffy’s new album and my discovering of Story of the Year.

I’ve already let it be known how awesome Opposites is, but Story of the Year are great. I like finding a new band, I always seem to be bored of my music and need an album to freshen it up.

I’m not sure how to class them. They aren’t rock like Biffy or the Foos, yet not poppy enough to be like Blink or Fall Out Boy. Being somewhere in between isn’t bad though I guess, let’s say they’re punk-rock.

They still have catchy tunes, but feel a bit more serious than pop-punk bands. Just a tad heavier, which is always good. Not screamy though, I can’t hack bands that do nothing but scream.

A bit is okay, but after that it just doesn’t sound like music. I do agree with people that defend it against attacks of ‘you can’t even understand what they’re saying’ simply because the people who say this are the ones you see in clubs dancing along to Gangnam Style.

Also experienced a Justin Bieber song in the car today. Didn’t care for it.

Well as I say, each to their own.

Have a nice day, bang  bang! – Cactus Jack


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One response to “Music is in, films are out”

  1. Artists & Acoustic Adventures! says :

    very true. i’m fascinated by how the music world is changing and how entertainment forms are coming/going because of technology. i actually just started a video blog on the creative process/evolution of the arts culture from my perspective as a singer/songwriter. it’s really amazing what we’re living through when you think about it. anyway good thought—i’m with you! thanks

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