February is the best month

Back at uni now, had a great day for views yesterday so thought I’d save this for today. Hehe.

Hate sitting in my room on a nice sunny day and looking out wondering what I can do. But that’s exactly what I’d been doing yesterday since my dinner was at 4 and my train back to uni was at 6. Getting up at about 12 didn’t really help in hindsight.

Waking up to nice sunny skies is better than the snow and rain we get over Christmas, that’s why I love February so much. Partly because my birthday is on the 9th, but also because the sun starts to come out.

Even though it’s still pretty cold outside the sun puts everyone in a better mood, and lets people know it’ll be spring soon. It somehow feels as warm as summer, since we’ve been used to filthy Christmas temperatures.

Looking forward to being off, next holidays should be warmer than Christmas, hopefully we can get out and have more fun. Got a holiday in June with Jess, can’t wait for that. It’s just getting there through this work that I just have no motivation for right now.

Looking over my money situation, birthday moneys definitely helped. Still got some to come in from my auntie, so that should see me over Easter without needing a job.

Uni tomorrow, Adam has decided we aren’t gonna be able to make the 9am lecture, which is great news. Polish off my first bit of work hopefully, start the trail to third year.

Feeling a bit frazzled, so that’ll be that for now.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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