Creepy or common? Potentially odd things I do

Hey, I’ve been compiling this list for a while now, I’ve always wanted to know if other people did the same weird little things that I do. I’ve ran a couple of these by friends who have confirmed that these are things people do, which makes me feel less creepy about them.

Quick N.B. – a lot of these will be toilet and other movements related, you’ve been warned.

1. Squeeze your nose and be hurt by a spiky bogey, and have to extract it from the nasal area.

2. Hang around in the toilet a little longer than you have to after business.

3. Pass wind under the covers, wait a little while and pull them up to see if the smell is still there.

4. Go from bopping nicely to a song to a full out mosh rave, in your room, by yourself. Possibly giving it Kermit the Frog arms.

5. Smell your hands after various actions throughout the day, just to see what stuff smells like. Then repeat it. Examples being the smell of money on your hands, or if you scratch your area.

6. When walking or looking out of a train/car window with headphones in, pretending you are the singer and this is your video. (Everyone must do this.)

7. Have conversations with yourself, portraying different characters with different accents.

8. Constantly think about death.

9. Bite into cod liver oil pills knowing full well that the ooze that will come out will make you want to vomit.

10. Have vivid visions about what an actual shot to a human head would look like in person, not on a film or TV.

So there we go, a nice list of things I do that I hope others do as well. Because otherwise this is just a list I might as well call ‘Reasons Not To Meet Me.’ I shall start work on another list if anyone actually does any of these things.

Right, off to do 3 and 5. Ta-ra.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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