Quick update, since I’m not really in a mood to post but didn’t post yesterday, I’ll do something with this properly when I’m back at uni tomorrow no doubt.

Had fun at the pub last night, have to have fun at the Mu. Went to sleep about 5am, woke up at 7am after a few bad dreams and other things which weren’t fun. Especially since I had to be out and eating steak at 12.

My lack of friends and family has never really bothered me, I have enough to keep me happy. Just yesterday felt like I was getting left behind in some way, thought I was doing well on the night but I failed at that as well.

None of that made sense because it wasn’t supposed to, just felt like getting it out. Everyone’s busy or sleeping or something today so I think I’ll play some CTR til I hear from people.

Had fun with sister nephew and mum today I guess, just doesn’t happen often. I never thought I was jealous of people with lots of family, guess I am.

Hopefully my goals galore can come through for me and cheer me up somewhat.

Fancy talking about some kind of musical topic when I summon the will to write.

Gotta go hang some curtains now, cos why not.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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