Biffy Clyro – Opposites is heroic

Since I’m cheered up thanks to the person who always cheers me up, I figured I’d get some musical thoughts down.

Been listening to Biffy’s new album for about a week now and it is just awesome. Wasn’t quite sure about a double album with 20 songs on it, since I’ve never really taken notice of any themes or tones running through entire albums unless they really jump out at me.

Opposites jumped out at me and pounded me into the ground with its Scottishness and its awesomity. Both of these are now words by the way.

Biffy have always been a band I haven’t disliked, just haven’t really listened to their stuff. I have Only Revolutions which is pretty good, but Opposites already has three of my favourite current songs: Pocket, Sounds Like Balloons and Biblical.

Listening to it right now, and hoping that since they were announced for Leeds Fest alongside Fall Out Boy and System of a Down that all three will be playing the same day. If so I will be getting my ticket in a heartbeat.

It’s just a great rock album, and despite my obvious preference in punk-rock I do love a band that are just good simple rock with that little something extra. Biffy are a very good rock band, their something extra being you can song their songs in a Scottish accent and not look weird. Don’t quote me on that though.

Favouring the shorter posts at the moment, feel like the 500+ word ones will be boring people.

But yeah, listen to Opposites and thank me later. It’s not without the odd duff song to me, but there are some amazing songs on it that more than make up. The last three songs of Disc One do tend to tail off a little, but then Stingin’ Belle kicks off Disc Two and gets the album back on track.

Albums like this make me wonder why people like Jessie J or The Wanted. Each to their own I guess…

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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