Leaves of Grass and other Ed Norton-ness

I like films now more than I used to, but I don’t think I’ll ever be a guy who knows about every actor and their relationships and films and stuff. Or director’s styles and influences and things. I like to just sit and enjoy and comment. I’ll never win a movie quiz against anyone I know, but I can at least have fun conversations with them.

So on that, I shall begin to talk about films. I’m not really sure how to do that, since I can’t, nor do I want to, talk about lighting and angles and mood. Never mind, now what have I seen recently.

I did watch Leaves of Grass today, with Ed Norton and Ed Norton. Another film where he cracks another accent, playing a stoner from Oklahoma as well as a clever professor New York man.

Another Norton film off my list, and another completely different film at that. So far on my filmy travels he’s played an altar boy charged with murder (Primal Fear), a lawyer (People vs Larry Flynt), a Nazi skinhead (American History X), and I can’t remember his actual job type thing in Fight Club. And a thief in The Score as well. And the baddie in the Italian Job remake. I think that’s it so far.

I loved Primal Fear, I like films that are different to any other film I’ve seen. Biographicals are quite good for that I suppose, since as long as they pick a different person each time they’ll always be different.

Primal Fear was my first encounter with a weird Norton accent, which was awesome. Normally a film that I’ve been informed is notoriously twisty (Fight Club, Shutter Island) is tedious since I’m forever waiting to be thrown wildly off course, and can’t trust anything in the film til the big twist ending which I’ve usually predicted.

This film has two pretty cool twists. The first is rather obvious, the second probably is too but when I watched it, not knowing anything about it beforehand, I thought it was really cool. Definitely a DVD I shall be looking to pick up and add to my pitiful collection.

Oh, he was a priest in a film with Ben Stiller too.

Leaves of Grass was pretty much all I like in a film: funny, interesting, entertaining and a little bit of emotional stuff at the end. No spoilers of course, although I doubt anyone reading this has or is likely to see it. Maybe after reading this? No? Oh well.

The way Brady (stoner Norton) manipulates Bill (professor Norton) is quite hilarious, and the end is pretty cool. I haven’t cried at any film that I can remember, which means I probably have when I was little, but I still get sad at sad films. The Notebook was quite sad, I think it was. With Ryan Gosling? That one.

One quick side-note I forgot about earlier – I was informed Ed Norton was majorly anti-smoking to the point he refused to smoke for film roles, but he avidly smokes in this. Gonna have to check it out I guess.

Well if anyone has seen Leaves of Grass or Primal Fear do let me know, I would quite enjoy discussing it.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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