My birthday weekend and Uni issues

Back from another three uni hours, spent almost entirely on Facebook, Twitter and my other blog, so almost what the workshop is for.

Had no wallet with which to buy food either, which saved me some money for the pub tomorrow I suppose.

Anyway, instead of getting two posts out there in one day about what I did last weekend, I decided to save one for today, so here it is.

Yesterday was actually the first day in ages I hadn’t watched at least one film. We watched American History X on Friday, which was awesome. I automatically enjoy anything with Ed Norton in a major role, but sadly I found myself liking him too much for a white power racist character. I tell myself it’s just the actor.

On Saturday we were off to see Hitchcock at the cinema, so I put Psycho on because Jess hadn’t seen it and it was kind of essential to the story of Hitchcock. That was better than I remembered it, and Hitchcock was also very good, and we made the trailers better by eating McDonald’s meals through them.

Then Sunday we watched Kill Bill 1&2, with a short break in between of course. Tarantino is the only director I know anything about, and I do like all the films of his I’ve seen. Again they were good films, everything I watched at York was at least a 7 out of 10 for me, so a good weekend for films.

Kill Bill reminded me of Pulp Fiction in chapter style and retrospect, and the premise was just well thought out and fun to watch, even if I thought the first one dragged on slightly. Plus being a Tarantino film there were some exploding heads and ridiculous blood showers and stuff, which is always fun to the desensitised masses.

Also I had the best birthday ever, Jess got me Crash Team Racing, that I’ve already broken two copies of, but I first got it like 12 years ago so that’s not so bad. She also got me tickets to go see Gaslight Anthem in March, so unfortunately people may see another post about them in the near future.

The sneaky thing also went down to ‘get drinks’ and came back up with a birthday cake! Was very yummy and cute, birthday takeaway was also very nice. I hate having to leave her on the mornings to go get my train, but I’ll be back in just over a week, so I’m counting down.

Problems facing me this week: getting my first essay started today, not getting pulled up on having train ticket dated Thursday when I go back home tomorrow (Wednesday), getting a uni netball report handed in for tomorrow while not being able to go to the game, getting a patch blog story over the weekend and getting my magazine double page polished off.

Not the most strenuous list of things to get done really, but it’s not gonna get done while I sit here talking to my screen. Once I’m at the pub or at Alex’s on Weds all but one of those things should be done.

I’m also hooked on Biffy’s new album Opposites, the first half anyway.

That’s about that for now, may be back on before bed with some filmy thoughts or something.

Oh yeah, I’ll be live blogging Valencia v PSG as well.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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