Quick update before uni

Hello, I have returned from the Yorkshire lands.

Before I go off to my fun filled two hours at uni, just wanted to get my weekend down here so I don’t miss much out later.

Went down to meet Jess on Thursday night, headed into town Friday while she was at uni and got us milkshakes, very cold carrying them back, and then we went back to flat.

Saturday was my birthday! Nineteen years down, but I had a lovely day, watched a couple of films, went to cinema and snuck Maccies in, but then lost my birthday bet and Sky Sports told me they didn’t want me.

But then Jess got me a cake and all was well again awh. The g button on my keyboard is sticking.

Got some awesome presents and had a great day, so wins all round.

Yesterday did next to nothing, which was still awesome. Today got up and out to catch the 10:01 train back here, rushed to the toilet and then tried to get my internet to work, which it now is.

There we go, all caught up for now, couple of problems arising in my mind today, hopefully I will have a plan for them by hometime at 3. Until then everyone.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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