SOAD, FOB and other musical initialisms

This still counts as the end of the night, I haven’t slept in between articles so this still counts, so there.

Oh, quick disclaimer, if you really enjoy stuff like the UK Top 40 and don’t really follow bands like All Time Low, I apologise for wasting your time in advance.

So I found out yesterday that System of a Down and Fall Out Boy are both playing Leeds fest this year, meaning I have to go for the day, especially if they play on the same day.

System are one of the three bands I’ve always wanted to see. At one point all three of my top bands were split up doing various other things and not looking like making or playing music together again.

But first blink-182 got back together at the back end of 2009, System in 2010. Now I sit and hope some days that the Gallaghers will just get on for one last tour, for the fans. And by fans I of course mean me.

My perfect line up, right there ^ Let’s play match the genre: metal, indie rock and punk-rock…

So after blink got back together I went and had the best gig of my life at their Glasgow gig. People discard pop-punk and punk-rock bands as nothing more than ‘whiney American crap’, but every last person I know will jump around and dance to All The Small Things or Fat Lip.

Fall Out Boy come into this category. They seem to be one the bands that it’s not cool to like anymore, that everyone has grown out of. Sometimes I think people look at me and feel embarrassed for me, but I think pop-punk is the greatest genre in music. I’m also not big on valuing the opinion of close-minded strangers.

Sure, pop or RnB or dub-step or whatever goes on in the charts now is more successful, but if anything most of these songs either have no meaning at all or are written as a way of venting the artist’s whiney complaints. Which is fine by me, each to their own way of selling records, just not something I’m into.

I accept that essentially if you put out a loud repetitive bass line with a catchy riff and meaningless lyrics attached, people will dance to it. You probably couldn’t get away with playing something like Tuesday’s Gone in a nightclub, which might be why I never seek them out.

I like music to listen to, so if I put a song on it will take me somewhere else – pop-punk does this like nothing else for me.

To attach a metaphor to it, pop-punk is like Jim Carrey. He won’t likely win a handful of Oscars – rightly or wrongly – but in his films he can make you laugh, he can make you think, he can make you sad. And while he is and probably always will be known by all as a comedy actor, he has proven he has a range some may never give him credit for.

The same applies for the pop-punk punk-rock movements. People on the outside see them as a bit of fun, some see it as a waste of time and not a proper genre. People who follow it closely know that it is a lot more than a few fart jokes and several penis references, although the humour is what sets it apart from other music, in my humble view at least.

Went a little bit off topic there, what I meant to say was I was very excited when I found out Fall Out Boy were back together. I hope you got that from that incessant nonsense.

Yes, System of a Down are just one of those bands that I could write a lot more about here, but we’re hitting a pretty high word count as it is so I may choose to spill my heart out about my favourite bands some other time. Leaving the reader on tenterhooks I know. Truthfully it’s quite late and I need a lie down.

So that will wrap this up for the night, still trying to get back into the swing of writing things I actually feel strongly about so keeping the reading light for now, long feature style type things may follow if I keep enjoying it this time.

Bedtime, a busy hour of uni tomorrow, another day to the big 19. Nighty night all.

Agree? Disagree? Sound off, comment, share, message me, I’m always up for some debate.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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