Blogging experiment: LIVE England v Brazil

Hello all, going to try a live update blog while I watch the England-Brazil game, hope it goes well.

1. Ronaldinho is a total living legend, getting that out at the top.

2. Not a huge fan of Ashley Cole on the other hand, but fair play to the guy for reaching 100 England caps. Time to pass the torch to Baines maybe?

3. Roy Hodgson never liked me on Football Manager, despite my glowing assessments of him.

4. Six minutes to kick off, this should be a fun match with two average defences against two promising attacks.

5. Top national anthem Brazil.

6. R.I.P. Bobby Moore and those lost in the Munich air disaster.

7. Throw out the morons that heckled that silence.

8. Here we go.

9. Early chance, Wilshere and Cleverley in midfield is some prospect.

10. This Brazil defence must be the best they have had in about 20 years.

11. Great defending Cahill, Brazil flexing their muscles in the first five.

12. Good defending England so far, let’s hope Welbeck can put in a shift Alex can be proud of.

13. Alex is very anti-Welbeck.

14. Great header from Rooney, matched by Julio Cesar before Rooney penalised. Free kick Brazil.

15. Brazil look dangerous, England look toothless. Twelve mins gone.

16. Real Madrid pull off the all white kit so much better than we do.

17. Cesar being typically erratic, as per for a ‘keeper.

18. Predictable stalemate occuring, no real chances in the first 15, chance here.

19. Fabiano couldn’t capitalise on the space, ball eventually broke back to Ronaldinho who hit Wilshere on the arm with the cross, penalty Brazil.

20. Unbelievable double save from Hart, how on earth did he get that arm in the way?! Not the best penalty but Ronnie looked certain to score the rebound.

21. Cleverley followed up Hart’s heroics with a rather suspect slide on Neymar.

22. Didn’t seem to get any of the ball there Clevs, now taken out late by Oscar.

23. Oh dear Welbeck, Wilshere plays him in, toe pokes it miles over.

24. Warming up now this game.

25. First reaction was correct, Neymar shocking miss, Clevs nowhere near anything.

26. Johnson going for a screamer, comfortably over.

27.My ITV player has chosen this moment to skip and jump and now die, technical problems ongoing.

28. Ah, it appears Rooney has scored.

29. Cheers ITV, completely missed that.

30. Live blogging, turns out it’s not without its issues.

31. Lovely play Wilshere, great run and ball into Walcott, pass doesn’t reach Rooney.

32. Walcott seems to be suffering an injury, is there something in the water at The Emirates?

33. The stream appears to have settled down now, England are pulling strings now.

34. Great ball Gerrard into Johnson, good defending Adriano.

35. Walcott has had a few runs at Brazil so far, none of which have amounted to a lot.

36. Unless he was involved in the goal, which I still haven’t seen.

37. What a cross from Oscar on the right, Neymar slid in with an open goal, skies it. England off the hook.

38. Entertaining game, Paulinho doing keep-ups with his back to goal, flicked it over his head but Johnson cleared from his six yard box.

39. Damn you student internet!

40. Rooney cracks a belter past the post as my stream continues to suffer FIFA-worthy glitches.

41. England over-playing in their own half somewhat there, Brazil throw.

42. Welbeck does really well to win the ball and feed Walcott but Cesar beats away the shot.

43. Half time, let’s have a look at this goal then. Wilshere man of the half, England 1-0 Brazil HT.

44. Of course Walcott was involved, good work Welbeck, great play Wilshere again into Walcott. His shot was saved but Rooney tucked away the rebound.

45. Better late than never right?

46. Adverts, time to see how my accumulators are coming on.

47. Damn, Ghana have cost me on both. Closest I’ve come yet though.

48. Can’t wait for Ronaldo’s return to Old Trafford.

49. Lamps and Baines on, centurion Cole and Clevs off.

50. Cole didn’t do much, Clevs was good but Fergie clearly keen to have his players fresh.

51. Brazil bringing Fred, Arouca, and Moura for Fabiano, Ronaldinho and Ramires.

52. And we’re off again.

53. Great chance straight away, nice interchange on the edge of the box and Gerrard’s shot spilled by Cesar but Wilshere couldn’t capitalise.

54. Got so much time for Lampard, would welcome him to United.

55. Gary Cahill goes gifts Fred a goal, over-ran it and the striker dispatches it into the corner, 1-1.

56. Cahill now smashes the ball at Hart, who can do nothing but clear it against Smalling and Fred hits the bar. Back four need to settle down.

57. Phil Jones has shingles, did I just hear that correctly?

58. Big tackle Cahill, denying Oscar in the box. Much better.

59. Cahill goes up at the other end and sees his header tipped over from a Gerrard corner. He would have loved to put that one away.

60. As I was saying before England’s defensive calamities, Lampard can still slot right in to any team in the world right now, one of the best goalscoring midfielders in the game.

61. Brilliant from Walcott, leaves Adriano for dead and fires it across the box but nothing comes of it.

62. Lampard! I claim to be a prophet, what a finish.

63. Walcott beat Adriano again, cross came out and Rooney nipped in to flick it into Lampard’s path, who calm as you like finds the corner via the post first time.

64. Walcott v. Adriano continues at England’s end, the left back shooting wide.

65. Welbeck off for Milner and Paulinho off for Jean.

66. For the third time in succession Theo flicks it round Adriano and accelerates away, the defender got back this time.

67. Getting a bit bored of typing the same two names to be honest.

68. Stream continues to try and make a mockery of this exercise as Jean pings one wide.

69. Terrifically, the internet has now crashed, wonder what the score is now.

70. Am I right in saying Hulk has been introduced? As it turns out, no.

71. Neymar with an overhead kick from 20 yards out, never troubling.

72. Baines whips a wicked cross in, defenders couldn’t touch it, Walcott just couldn’t reach it.

73. Speaking of Theo, he now has a new test in the shape of Felipe Luis, on for Adriano.

74. The game has quietened down, being played out in the middle of the Wembley pitch at the moment.

75. Walcott comes off, Lennon on. Good performance from Theo, not a bad replacement pace-wise.

76. Off comes captain Luiz, Miranda on. Cesar takes the Brazil armband.

77. First chance in a few minutes, lovely interplay from Brazil but Fred gets it stuck under his feet and spoons it over.

78. Milner wins a corner with some good chasing, personally always rated him above Barry.

79. Brazil looking sloppy but still have the firepower to get back into the game, as Neymar proves by getting around the back but couldn’t pull back for Fred.

80. My word, Andy Townsend has called it right. Wilshere man of the match for sure, although faded from the game somewhat second half.

81. Wembley crowd show their appreciation as Wilshere picks up the match sponser’s man of the match.

82. Three added minutes announced as Oscar misses the target.

83. Rooney and Smalling both lasting the 90 then, wonder how that news will go down with Fergie.

84. Say it quietly, but England look like a team tonight.

85. How many times have we played this well in recent memory? Reasons: Wilshere’s fitness, Walcott’s improvement.

86. Lucas Moura has looked good, but he only finds Hart with a ball into the box.

87. Great ball back to front from Dante but Neymar is shut out.

88. England have beaten Brazil.

89. Not to get too carried away, but that was one of the best England performances I can remember watching.

90. Let’s finish on a round number, hope you enjoy reading this. England 2-1 Brazil FT.

So there it is, my first live blog. Didn’t all go to plan, but hopefully I’ve put enough little nuggets of opinions to go with the action to keep it fresh and keep you reading to here. Next post shall be more conventional, promise. Opinions welcome, if I missed any big moments out I apologise, blame university halls and ITV and everyone else, just not me.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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