Chapter two of blogging

Right, going to try this again.

So my last entry was back in October, a piece for uni assessment that I still haven’t got back yet. A lot has happened since then, so I think I’ll split these entries up a bit.

Firstly I’ll start from the same place my last entry left, Leeds Festival 2012. In brief, it was a pretty great first festival, Foo Fighters, Black Keys, Gaslight Anthem, Paramore and All Time Low were all brilliant.

Had to go see You Me At Six with Jess, but she had to watch Paramore later on so I guess we’re even. Plus they were quite good.

A festival environment is just something totally different to anything I’ve ever experienced before. I’ll go into more detail in a more focused music based entry later.

This is just a piece of writing to tie up the many loose ends that have occurred in the last four months, so if it seems a bit disjointed, never mind.

Christmas is also a thing that has happened, not much to rave about there other than some nice new clothes and the Friends poster I’d been wanting since Year 7, as well as some STDs and a bottle of JD, all which came from the better half’s family. The STDs came with penicillin though, and they were really little soft teddy things with eyes.

Then the New Year celebrations also happened, much fun was had there, a friend taught me a lot about the impact vomit has on a drain grate.

So since October I’ve finished the first term of second year, currently a week and a half into the second one. It was going well until I got some work handed back on Monday and realised journalism just isn’t what I really see myself doing. The best way I can see myself fitting into the industry is writing for a music magazine, travelling around listening to and reviewing gigs. A similar job in sport or film would also be right up my way.

I always wanted to write, still do, but not like this, conforming to the same ‘inverted pyramid’ and ‘most important angle’ day in day out doesn’t sound terribly fun for the amount of money and effort involved.

In an ideal world this blog entry would take off and get three hundred zillion views and I would go on to write a best-selling series of novels that are unlike anything anyone has ever read, but I guess I’m not that creative just yet.

So I’ll sign off there, shall make sure to be back before the end of the night, gonna go drown my uni sorrows in pizza and garlic bread.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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