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The greatest film in all the land, and its sequel

Ace Ventura is the best concept, the best film and has the best sequel ever known to film ever.

Obviously this is not true in the grand scheme of people’s opinions, but to me they are the two films I could sit and watch over and over. Those and Pulp Fiction, and everybody has to love that film as well.

The premise of these films, right, is Jim Carrey playing a pet detective, and being the most ridiculous character he can possibly play, while somehow also being able to outsmart an entire police division and save a dolphin and a bat that he is scared of.

Films like this are amazing mainly for quotability. These films to me is the beginning of my experience with stuff like Anchorman, Walk Hard, and so on.

The other reason both these films are so good to me is pure nostalgia. I first watched them at Alex’s house, and we just instantly decided they were the greatest films ever and should be watched again, and then again, and then it was a week later and we missed school.

Some of that may not have actually happened, but the point stands. In my opinion Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls are the two best films in the world ever. Not because they actually are the best films ever, even though they really are.

I doubt very much anyone other than Alex will agree with any of this, but it isn’t really for agreement. More just to consider what your actual honest truth favourite film is, one that evokes hilarious memories (for me, also see One Hour Photo or Zoolander).

Maybe it isn’t The Dark Knight or The Avengers or Titanic. Maybe it’s not one of the highest rated films on IMDb. Maybe it’s Shaun of the Dead or The Lion King, or even Stardust. I am not judging.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


The Departed and Reservoir Dogs

On my weekend blog holiday I watched The Departed for the first time ever, shocking I know, and re-watched Reservoir Dogs to try and remember if it was actually any good. Turns out they’re both rather good indeed.

I don’t consider anything I’ve written here to be very spoilerous, but there is a bit of plot detail with a bit of assumed knowledge about the storylines of both films, so if you haven’t seen them, still read on, but then go watch them. They are worth it.

Reservoir Dogs is a strange film, a really good plot that I don’t remember seeing before. Giving away the rat in the pack quite early on in the film might give up some of the mystery and tension around the group for the audience, for me the reveal fell a bit flat, but it really just adds to the empathy you feel for the criminals, not knowing they have been betrayed before they even begin.

That wasn’t a spoiler either, it says this on its IMDb page, so there.

The usual Tarantino cast: Keitel, Roth and Madsen just seem to have fun with it, which always makes a film better. The ear scene is very entertaining. Steve Buscemi is very, very good as well.

I like the way each character is named as well. Mr. Blue, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink, Mr. Orange, Mr. White and Mr. Brown. It just works.

Also the connection to Pulp Fiction is brilliant, I just love how Tarantino’s entire catalogue is interlinked in one big universe.

The Departed also involves a rat, or two, and is just as good for me. It includes one of the more shocking movie deaths I’ve ever seen, really didn’t see it coming, and I like little touches in films like the rat at the end on the balcony railing.

I guess it’s not the most subtle device but hey, it worked on me. Another great cast too: Damon, DiCaprio, Wahlberg, Sheen, Nicholson, Winstone. Pretty good list there, despite Ray Winstone’s hilariously bad accent. I thought that since he is called French he was playing a French Canadian type. Even if it isn’t the case, I like to believe it because it redeems the ridiculous accent somewhat.

It was also genuinely really tense, as both sides came closer and closer to discovering the rat in their midsts.

Star names do actually sell films to me, I never thought they would but they do. Star names I like anyway. I’m not persuaded to go see a film that looks absolute garbage just because a couple of my favourite actors are in it, but if a film has a couple of my favourite names it has a better chance of swaying me.

I guess by the looks of this, films are back in. Blame Jess.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

Extenuating circumstances

I am back in my Sunderland uni room, feels weird. But after five nights away it’s probably best I come back and go to uni.

I was meant to be back Monday night, but then Jess’ illness refused to do one. Tis more her business to share it or not, so I leave it at that.

Over the weekend her dad came through and took us out for a meal, which was nice. Except every time I meet him I have to stay clear of my go-to conversation topic, football, since I’m told he’s a ridiculously big Liverpool fan, making me the enemy. Not good when you’re trying to get someone to like you.

So I’ve been being a right good boyfriend and making Jess tea and getting shopping in and so on, which I’m sure is a lot more fun than my uni schedule tomorrow. Going back there on Thursday too since I’m now free from class next Monday.

Right I have checked in, now for food Friends and bed.

Until tomorrow xox

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

I may be too easy going…

Right now, tonight, the BRIT awards are on. Also, Sony are announcing some specs and exclusive details about their new PS4.

I however, am sitting writing a new post, because I am failing to care about either of these things. Which has made me think about why I don’t care about these things, I don’t even know when the Oscars are supposed to be.

I’m struggling to think about things outside my own physical life that I really feel passionately about. Manchester United being one, and about the only one popping into my head right now.

For example, I watched Milan vs Barca tonight. I just couldn’t get excited about a match between two massive European teams, that ended with a shock 2-0 Milan win.

Don’t confuse this with me being uninterested in anything, I love a good argument about a band or a film or a team. But things like award ceremonies and big announcements saying this and that, I say meh.

If I hear the best film ever has just been released, I’ll go see it to see if the hype is justified. It often isn’t, but still I wouldn’t get excited about something because other people say it’s amazing.

Hmm, sounds more whiney than I was expecting. I just wonder if it’s just me, or do other people get more excited when they get to sit down in the cinema, or play a new game for the first time, rather than sift through reviews to base opinions off?

Might just be me, I don’t pretend to be an expert in any of these fields. More of a Jack of all trades type myself. This may be why I’m less interested in the bits and pieces behind the scenes, and prefer to just sit and experience the finished article.

Somewhat ironic that I’d love to be an opinion writer when I take no notice of the ones already out there I guess.

Sick of general nonsense now, gonna do a film or album review or something mad after Yorkie times.

Maybe have a list of favourite bands and run down them. I love a list.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

York count at one!

Figured I’ll have to write something today, since I’ll be busy tomorrow and then I’m off on my travels once more until Sunday/Monday.

Wondered about the point of these generals today, but I can look back at them later in life I guess. I’ve never had a diary type thing before, except when I was little when I had a holiday diary. Every year we went to Butlins/Haven or whatever it’s called now, in Ayr.

I loved it, had a million soft play area bits, a big ol’ beach where I could run around on jellyfish (never got stung) and a place where I could get deep fried pizza. It is exactly as amazing as you’re imagining, as long as you don’t mind having a massive stroke for a while. The beauties of Scotland.

Then when we grew up a bit there was a farm park down the road with trampolines and quad bikes and those big tyres you sat in and went down a hill. Oh and at the site there was a big pool with like five awesome slides in it. There were llamas and goats and stuff too.

I used to love swimming, trying to get back into it in the hope it will make me look like those swimmers in the Olympics, only without the haircap and Speedo.

If I can I’ll find a picture of me from them old hols and stick in in here when I can.

Anyway, was meant to be about my day. Had to go drop some statements off at the letting agency I’m moving in with next year, which of course is in Newcastle, so I had to drive out there before I disappear off for the weekend.

I had been in the mood for a drive, but the sat nav had to sit on the seat because it wouldn’t stick to the dash cushion thing. That coupled with the fact I didn’t know where I was going made the journey slightly arduous, but I got there and back, so all is well.

Gonna pop out again to get some foods in for York, gotta get stocked up so I can look after my poorly Jess and be a right good boyfriend. Not enjoyed being stuck here while she’s been ill.

Need a battery for my mouse, keeps going off. Also I want a pet chick and duck but I don’t think I can find ones trained to be as good as Joey and Chandler’s.

Part two of my creepy or common is coming, I think I’m up to eight more potentially odd things. Might post something else in the early Thursday hours.

Right, Asda then I’ma make chicken mushroom pasta. Becoming quite the semi-mediocre cook in second year it seems.

One more sleeps!

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

Music is in, films are out

I haven’t watched a film in a little while, which wasn’t unusual for me a few months ago but now rather is.

The reason being I’ve been back at uni with my iPod speakers, and having my music on shuffle is something I never really do anymore.

There is just so much stuff on my iPod I don’t even know, album fillers and the like, and scrolling through it can be such a pest. Especially now that I have about 6000 songs, and am usually in the mood for between 10 and 20 in any given mood.

When you get a good shuffle though, suddenly every song is awesome, even if I wasn’t in a Westlife mood while Breaking Benjamin were playing.

So sadly my watchlist has taken a back seat. I blame Biffy’s new album and my discovering of Story of the Year.

I’ve already let it be known how awesome Opposites is, but Story of the Year are great. I like finding a new band, I always seem to be bored of my music and need an album to freshen it up.

I’m not sure how to class them. They aren’t rock like Biffy or the Foos, yet not poppy enough to be like Blink or Fall Out Boy. Being somewhere in between isn’t bad though I guess, let’s say they’re punk-rock.

They still have catchy tunes, but feel a bit more serious than pop-punk bands. Just a tad heavier, which is always good. Not screamy though, I can’t hack bands that do nothing but scream.

A bit is okay, but after that it just doesn’t sound like music. I do agree with people that defend it against attacks of ‘you can’t even understand what they’re saying’ simply because the people who say this are the ones you see in clubs dancing along to Gangnam Style.

Also experienced a Justin Bieber song in the car today. Didn’t care for it.

Well as I say, each to their own.

Have a nice day, bang ┬ábang! – Cactus Jack

February is the best month

Back at uni now, had a great day for views yesterday so thought I’d save this for today. Hehe.

Hate sitting in my room on a nice sunny day and looking out wondering what I can do. But that’s exactly what I’d been doing yesterday since my dinner was at 4 and my train back to uni was at 6. Getting up at about 12 didn’t really help in hindsight.

Waking up to nice sunny skies is better than the snow and rain we get over Christmas, that’s why I love February so much. Partly because my birthday is on the 9th, but also because the sun starts to come out.

Even though it’s still pretty cold outside the sun puts everyone in a better mood, and lets people know it’ll be spring soon. It somehow feels as warm as summer, since we’ve been used to filthy Christmas temperatures.

Looking forward to being off, next holidays should be warmer than Christmas, hopefully we can get out and have more fun. Got a holiday in June with Jess, can’t wait for that. It’s just getting there through this work that I just have no motivation for right now.

Looking over my money situation, birthday moneys definitely helped. Still got some to come in from my auntie, so that should see me over Easter without needing a job.

Uni tomorrow, Adam has decided we aren’t gonna be able to make the 9am lecture, which is great news. Polish off my first bit of work hopefully, start the trail to third year.

Feeling a bit frazzled, so that’ll be that for now.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

Creepy or common? Potentially odd things I do

Hey, I’ve been compiling this list for a while now, I’ve always wanted to know if other people did the same weird little things that I do. I’ve ran a couple of these by friends who have confirmed that these are things people do, which makes me feel less creepy about them.

Quick N.B. – a lot of these will be toilet and other movements related, you’ve been warned.

1. Squeeze your nose and be hurt by a spiky bogey, and have to extract it from the nasal area.

2. Hang around in the toilet a little longer than you have to after business.

3. Pass wind under the covers, wait a little while and pull them up to see if the smell is still there.

4. Go from bopping nicely to a song to a full out mosh rave, in your room, by yourself. Possibly giving it Kermit the Frog arms.

5. Smell your hands after various actions throughout the day, just to see what stuff smells like. Then repeat it. Examples being the smell of money on your hands, or if you scratch your area.

6. When walking or looking out of a train/car window with headphones in, pretending you are the singer and this is your video. (Everyone must do this.)

7. Have conversations with yourself, portraying different characters with different accents.

8. Constantly think about death.

9. Bite into cod liver oil pills knowing full well that the ooze that will come out will make you want to vomit.

10. Have vivid visions about what an actual shot to a human head would look like in person, not on a film or TV.

So there we go, a nice list of things I do that I hope others do as well. Because otherwise this is just a list I might as well call ‘Reasons Not To Meet Me.’ I shall start work on another list if anyone actually does any of these things.

Right, off to do 3 and 5. Ta-ra.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack

Biffy Clyro – Opposites is heroic

Since I’m cheered up thanks to the person who always cheers me up, I figured I’d get some musical thoughts down.

Been listening to Biffy’s new album for about a week now and it is just awesome. Wasn’t quite sure about a double album with 20 songs on it, since I’ve never really taken notice of any themes or tones running through entire albums unless they really jump out at me.

Opposites jumped out at me and pounded me into the ground with its Scottishness and its awesomity. Both of these are now words by the way.

Biffy have always been a band I haven’t disliked, just haven’t really listened to their stuff. I have Only Revolutions which is pretty good, but Opposites already has three of my favourite current songs: Pocket, Sounds Like Balloons and Biblical.

Listening to it right now, and hoping that since they were announced for Leeds Fest alongside Fall Out Boy and System of a Down that all three will be playing the same day. If so I will be getting my ticket in a heartbeat.

It’s just a great rock album, and despite my obvious preference in punk-rock I do love a band that are just good simple rock with that little something extra. Biffy are a very good rock band, their something extra being you can song their songs in a Scottish accent and not look weird. Don’t quote me on that though.

Favouring the shorter posts at the moment, feel like the 500+ word ones will be boring people.

But yeah, listen to Opposites and thank me later. It’s not without the odd duff song to me, but there are some amazing songs on it that more than make up. The last three songs of Disc One do tend to tail off a little, but then Stingin’ Belle kicks off Disc Two and gets the album back on track.

Albums like this make me wonder why people like Jessie J or The Wanted. Each to their own I guess…

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


Quick update, since I’m not really in a mood to post but didn’t post yesterday, I’ll do something with this properly when I’m back at uni tomorrow no doubt.

Had fun at the pub last night, have to have fun at the Mu. Went to sleep about 5am, woke up at 7am after a few bad dreams and other things which weren’t fun. Especially since I had to be out and eating steak at 12.

My lack of friends and family has never really bothered me, I have enough to keep me happy. Just yesterday felt like I was getting left behind in some way, thought I was doing well on the night but I failed at that as well.

None of that made sense because it wasn’t supposed to, just felt like getting it out. Everyone’s busy or sleeping or something today so I think I’ll play some CTR til I hear from people.

Had fun with sister nephew and mum today I guess, just doesn’t happen often. I never thought I was jealous of people with lots of family, guess I am.

Hopefully my goals galore can come through for me and cheer me up somewhat.

Fancy talking about some kind of musical topic when I summon the will to write.

Gotta go hang some curtains now, cos why not.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack