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Gaslight Anthem were pretty awesome


No blog post all summer, wanted to show Jess this but she doesn’t have Word the sausage, so people of the blog can read it also. It’s very short because it’s for uni assessment!

Festival review: Gaslight Anthem, Leeds Festival 2012

The sun was out, the crowd was sparse, hardly great signifiers of a great gig. But that’s exactly what New Jersey punk rockers The Gaslight Anthem produced to kick off a great Friday line-up on the main stage at Leeds Festival 2012.

Sitting on the hill that led down to the stage with my girlfriend watching a band play was an experience far separated from the crammed, dark, sweaty arenas and halls that usually host this type of event.

It was a warm breezy day, with people lounging on blankets and having picnics. There were also a few committed people who appeared to have arrived at midday to ensure a premium standing spot for the day’s headliners, the Foo Fighters, only nine hours or so early.

Walking on stage to more of a stream than a sea of faces, frontman Brian Fallon launched straight into ‘Great Expectations,’ from their career-making second album ‘The ’59 Sound’. The title track from said album followed, before ‘Mulholland Drive’, the first offering of the day from their newest LP ‘Handwritten’.

The four piece from across the pond made the most of their short spell, just half an hour on the main stage. Omitting all songs from their 2007 debut ‘Sink or Swim’, the band relied on their two biggest sellers to stir up the crowd. They ripped through their set in traditional American punk style, before coming to a close with the fabulous epic ‘Mae’ and the sweeping rock anthem ‘The Backseat’.

Maybe not the normal scene rock fans are greeted with upon arrival to a gig, but the festival atmosphere and some rare Yorkshire sun threw up a new element so seldom seen in live performance: calm. No kids jumping around like Tigger on Prozac, no senseless mosh-pits, just some music fans sitting in the sun and enjoying a sublime performance from a future leader of the punk-rock genre.