So, blogging…


So, blogging…

As you can see, myself and Ashley are about to be hit be a nuclear bomb in Berlin, Germany. He seems far less concerned then I do if I’m honest.

I feel as though I should give a powerful lecture on the philosophical state of the country’s economy, but the thought of that makes me sleepy, so I think I’ll stick to whatever pops into my head at any given moment.

Speaking of which, currently rocking an awesome iPod shuffle this afternoon. Shit, it’s afternoon already. Anyway, New Found Glory to Green Day to Bowling for Soup is fairly winning. Being cooped up in a uni room for 80% of my time here means music is blasting out most of the time.

Why’d you have to go, and make me say, these things about you. – NFG

Hey, that’s pretty cool! This may become a feature. If anyone reads this, I am still warming to this biz. In fact the main reason for this gig is just to get away from doing this last essay of first year. I will not use the word ‘procrastinating’ as I detest it, for some reason.

Just took a break from the music to check out the new Carlsberg ad for the Euros, and it is fantastic. Advertising companies usually get it right coming up to a major tournament, tapping in to the heightened sense of national pride and interest, but that was very good.

Despite getting myself a blog for essay prevention purposes, this also happens to have arrived at a most terrible time. My hotmail account has been hacked into, and to recover it Windows have sent me a code. Problem is, they sent it to the hotmail account that I can’t access, because I need a code to… yeah.

I’m not sure how long this is going to be either, or even if I can preview it before I publish, but we’ll cross those bridges when we come to them.

ImageThis is me (second from the right) in my most current incarnation, in some dive bar in Newcastle. I forget its name. I figured my profile picture would be a bit misleading, so here I am all up to date as of last Friday’s Dirty Pop night (May 4). The profile pic is a pipe dream I’d love to get back to, but the current look has been met with much objection from everyone at uni, so the long locks may have to stay in the past. Or I might do it to spite everyone, muahahaha.

Those are two treble vodkas in my hands for anyone wondering. Needless to say I enjoyed myself that night. Whoever thought of putting bouncy castles in clubs was a genius.

I can’t believe I’m almost finished my first year of uni. Summer wants to be nice, but this is the north of England so unless global warming kicks in soon I’ll be rocking the layers this June.

Well as much as I’d love to stay and write my thoughts down for the rest of the day, this essay can’t be getting put off forever. My foray into blogging is complete, until next time.

Have a nice day, bang bang! – Cactus Jack


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